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Hello and welcome to (Vincent) Lim Kim Keong's personal website. I made this site for expressing myself, my interests, passions in life and what I see and hear everyday.

One of the photos taken with the iconic giant red Tori gate while visiting the island near Hiroshima, during one of the trips exploring Japan.

As the website is being developed around my life, there may be a lack of content in certain areas of the site so please bear with me as it takes time.

If you would like to know more about me then I would strongly recommend you look at what I did in the daily and my interest.

A reading moment while wandering the Southern region of Morocco, Northern Africa. 

For the website, I make it simple, just make use of Blogger. I did it in the past with a self hosted wordpress power website, it is beautiful, but also time consuming to look into technical aspects for the website, as such I finally decided to get it simple, and so I had more time for my life. Blogger is chosen due to integrated gmail services I already use for a long time, and I personally feel comfortable with Google hosting capability, and so do the whole site in Blogger platform.

I stopped it for sometime, and then in April 2018, I decided to reboot and start on it again, keep it simple. I make a second attempt in October 2018, to start moving over content that develops on the wordpress. Some post photos are missing (from host migration and along the years), as I yet to have time to fix them in the future. I re-take the initiative in February 2020, and let's see how far I can go this way. In April, I finally got the website to look and feel more like the content management system (CMS), the rest is just to keep blogging. Let's see how it goes from here.

Let's have a drink! photo taken for one of the trips exploring Italy, this taken during the Southern Italy trip all the way from Rome turn south till Sicily Island. The photo was taken during lunch at Amalfi coast, a beautiful coast town.

If you find any mistakes in the website or feel that any content is incorrect, please contact me and leave a message. I am providing all forms of social media contact you can reach me easily, from Facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin.

One of my trips to Europe, photo taken at Hill of Crosses, a site of pilgrimage in Lithuanian, Baltic States.

Thank you for viewing and you are welcome back anytime.

Last updated 23-Apr-2020.

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