This is my new website project, code name i-Life. It is based on the idea of newspaper and magazine, together with the book's depth of information, to form a new genre Mook, i.e. magazine visual alike with book content.

For the content management system (CMS) it is based on Google Blogger. As I am exploring WordPress alternative technology. I am a bit tired of maintaining an endless upgrade and need to make sure all plugins continue to be working for the version upgrade. Instead, I can spend more of my time to really focus on the content development, theme of topic I want to write with.

Existing content from other websites all will migrate over, some will delete due to not fitting the new website and current requirement or missing picture that from a long time ago with 3rd party web hosts. Under planning, existing limkimkeong.com as the core domain will slowly serve as the gateway or hub only to pointing web resources, like all content will come over here for iLife.limkimkeong.com and maybe will create another separate website I may find needed using a new subdomain.

Me in few sentence

I am basically like every normal human being, going through ordinary life where at the moment reach 45 (in 2020). I am going through childhood, school time, working for people, married, have a kid, and right now I run a business and basically have a passion about travel, and rest of ordinary interest just like the rest of you.

One of the trip photos taken in Japan during autumn, when wandering in Shinto Shrine in Fukuoka, Kyushu region. Japan being one of the countries no sure why I visit repeatedly and take longer and longer trips, and visit more and more to rural and remote places that encounter less tourists, and enjoy those living moments at those places.

At the blink of an eye, I have reached mid of my life time, going forward in journey to the rest of my life time. I like traveling and seeing the world, seeing the way people live in different cultures, eating different kinds of foods, speaking different languages. Through traveling, I snapshot here and there, and I seize those moments here and there, and provide me the visual snapshot for access to that moment in my life.

One of the trips in Thailand, visit a long neck tribe village in Chiang Mai, photo together with the tribe villagers. Different cultures have different ways to appreciate what is beautiful. What I know may not be the only answer, and others may not be wrong. The more places I travel and people I see, the more broad global experience I gain and appreciate.

I am not a writer, English is not my native language, but I like to write in English efficiently. I attempt to write down the thoughts at the moment, and sometimes just visual snapshots and the few sentences I have in my mind.

One of my trip to Thailand, and in the Ko Samui island. It hot day and also a sunshine day.

At the time I write, I travel 60 countries, will I go more? Maybe in the future, but now I prefer to go back to some of the countries I love to, for different seasons, and get slow to really see those places where I love to be.

One of my trips to Japan, zen temple located in Kyoto, I just sit here and do nothing, let the time flow.

Tourist places and spots do not really excite me nowadays, I prefer places I can enjoy and I see and interact with the locals. Maybe I finally found out that it's not about how big the world I need to be to cover country by country, but to draw a life lesson and make my own life count.

Instead of traveling to the place of someone or global media publisher marketing places, I prefer to go with the flow of where I found it better to be for the different season, and I had the leisure time to do so, with the family I want to be with and sharing what I see and experience together.

Last updated 2002-Apr-26

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