MacBook OS with Big Sur

I am absent so long, without really spending anything on the blog I created earlier, COVID-19 time lockdowns, spend more time on the reading, sketching and writing instead in physical journal.

I just upgraded my MacBook to Big Sur, it let me feel more like in the iOS look and feel, except I can not run iOS app, since I have an Intel chip, and that need Apple new M1 chip. With the technology now still at most 16gb, let's see for next two years how it goes. In the time being, I just want to write for expression in digital, really I am absent so long in the blogger platform.

The idea is good, single ecosystem finally being realized, instead of moving toward more advanced graphical user interface (GUI) in the Mac OSX style, but ending up in the mobile alike interface.

It let me recall, Apple in the past got so many great applications, one after another all got killed along the time. Understoodable, world change, in that aspect I can see how stable and compatible Windows makes it allow for legacy to continue.



From the new, read that currently Apple is disable user to side loading iOS mobile app into M1 macbook, hmm 🤔 then what is the purpose for get one, this is why always no need to rush for new product, they will change their mind time to time. 

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