Trip 2019.6 Greater Kanto Region Day 2


Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo ホテルJALシティ羽田東京

5.39am Good morning Tokyo. Saw from the hotel room windows.

6:09am photo taken during hotel breakfast buffet.

6:48am photo taken on opposite street, while at hotel lobby wait for the shuttle bus back to Haneda airport (7 minutes or 3.3km distance).

Hotel to Airport terminal shuttle bus about 7 minutes (3.3km) distance.

Magazine flipped while at hotel lobby.

Haneda Airport International Terminal Station 羽田空港第3ターミナル駅

7:20am while wife in waiting line to exchange train pass, I go to buy prepaid Pasmo card. Use it mainly for cashless fare payment for cover those train or bus do not cover by the travel pass, and use for shopping in supported convince shop or vending machine, so no need to carry to many notes and coins during the trip.

Eye catching watch advertisement saw, hybrid western and Japan culture.

8:22am before left saw the Tokyo Banana advertisement signboard. I will buy, but at last day of the trip in airport. It seem more and more favor being invented. But due to have the short expiry date, so can not buy much also. For me in Japan, two snack, one Tokyo Banana, another one Hokkaido white lever chocolate, indeed delicious.

Airport terminal to Shinagawa station about 13km, 18 minutes distance.

Shinagawa Station 品川駅

8:50am reach Shinagawa Station 品川駅, will make a stop a while for one of the pass exchange that needed while use in Chubu region.

Some local school saw while I am in the ticket office, inside windows and saw outside near the clock.
Each station got it own stamp design.

Station stamp collected on this station.
Like the sign, summer trip in the same of watermelon.
Brochure taken that related to Chubu region destination later on for the trip.

Shinagawa station -> Kamakura station around 57km (50 minutes train distance).

Kamakura Station

Kamakura station stamp chop.

Upon arrived Kamakura station, put the travel bag in the locker first. Need to found the enough coin for use the coin machine. Not enough small coin, go to convenience store to buy drink so got enough coin to use the coin machine.

8:31am Kamakura

Kamakura Station Old Station Clock Tower 鎌倉駅旧駅舎時計台

8:31am Kamakura old station entrance. Found out where it is, and suppose go with it and come back before visit the shrine. But decided change the plan, let walk to the shrine first, and then take train to the temple in north Kamukara and take lunch over there.

Kamakura Komachi Dori Shopping Area 鎌倉 小町通り

Decide to go Shrine first, so will pass through this shopping street.

The street is indeed lot of people.

Cute local handicraft store with all the lovely tolls.

One of wife favor snack, in this fish shaped inside is red bean.

Eye catching watermean sign hanging.

Eye catching restaurant put in front decoration.

Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū 鶴岡八幡宮

9am arrived this giant shinto shrine.

A kid saw try to play with her parent and try to hideout.

On the way out, turn into the lake garden park. Here feature a huge lake, if I visit here a month late, I can imagine can see lot of Lotus flower. Travel is like this, can not be all place you are in the right season, we travel with some sort of regret, and this is why create a reason for travel back again if want to.

Using another route walk back to the train station.

Next stop take the train to the temple, nearest train station is Kita-Kamakura Station is 3km (5 minutes train distance).

Meigetsuin 明月院

12noon arrived Kita-Kamukura Station. Come here mainly for visit a temple, and in the floral season.

Right hand size is shrine stamp collect in the morning. Left hand side is temple visit just now.
When come out will pass through bamboo path.

On the way walk back to station, make a lunch stop.

Another temple in the way walk back, but it no in our plan, as we have another two temple in different train station in list for today, and so we do not make any stop here.

Kita-Kamakura Station ->  Hase Station (6km, 19 minutes train station).

The train station stamp.

On street come across this fish shaped shoe.

Kōtoku-in 鎌倉大仏殿高徳院

Hasedera 長谷寺

Original plan to visit this temple, but due to enforce entry time by turn, and next turn is I get the pass it 2 hours from the time, where if I did, will disrupt all the rest of the time table. So no choice, got to give up. It due to floral season, where we see the kind of flowers in the mountain hill side already.

Go back to Kamakura station, take the travel bags in locker, and direct take train to coast side, Enoshima, where we are having a ryokan stay as well, easy for next day trip.

Kamakura Station -> Enoshima Station (8km, 24 minutes train distance).

Enoshima Station 江ノ島駅

In the train, saw the coastal line scene, the train follow Shonan Coast coastal line, line the scene, here complete different than old town Kamukara, I see beach and sunshine. I can feel the wind breeze as well. Saw few train station tomorrow will come back later on, but now rush to Enoshima check in ryokan first and close to dinner time book.

Bird decorations saw at Enoshima station, with the dress clothing as well, make them look unique.

Kinokuniya Ryokan 紀伊国屋旅館

Ryokan I choose base on near the Enoshima station (5 minutes) and in the main street, and walking distance to Enoshima island (12 minutes walk). Another reason it is Ryokan type, tatami and provide bath facility, dinner and breakfast inclusive. Visit Japan if I got choice I always choose traditional Ryokan over western alike hotel, unless it for other consideration.

The two bath facilities are taken from an internet photo, as you know go baths need to be in complete nude, prohibited with camera and smartphone, as an educated tourist I comply and it is not difficult to get internet photos in the modern day, what for breaking the house rule, be respect for the custom and tradition of people.

In Ryokan wait for dinner time, flipped travel brochure collect along the way.

Some of the photographer photo show case in the brochure, beautiful sunset shoot along Shonan Coast.

Dinner with wife moment, below Ryokan operate the food canteen alike facility as well. We eat downstair, and after take go out for the walking.

Tomorrow will go to Enoshima island as well, but now have the evening walk, just wondering along. Wind is strong, no wonder Shonan coast can be surf wave.

From Google Map, it about 11 minutes walk one way here and there slowly, and back to Ryokan, as one sunset, strong winds make it cooler than expect.

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