Shonan Time 湘南时间

I visited Shonan once during one of the trip's stay for a few days, as part of a month-long Greater Kanto region trip.

But due to the time I visit considering early Summer, the weather is not so good, rain comes randomly at that time. But it is also the time where the majority of the tourists are yet to arrive until mid Summer.

Despite not traveling this part of Japan in the best season, I did enjoy my good time while here. I recall how I enjoy my Shonan Time here.

The place will revisit back, just like how I love to find excuses while traveling to the Kansai region in Kyoto, I will come back in the future to enjoy mid summer, most properly longer stay, and just do nothing for that round, hanging on the Shonan Coast, let time flow.

Some of the internet photo search and put together to remind me of that.

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