Minimalist lifestyle is the way to go

At the age of 45, I started to appreciate getting more from less, simplicity maybe a way to go for me, so I can save a lot of time and focus on a few areas in my life.

Engaged in endless social media and busy in response to endless mobile application instant messaging alike not my cup of cake. Really, I may prefer a more like before lifestyle, for me a smartphone despite being smart, but still a phone, I use it for making calls or get things done for business matters.

But to engage in it and sleep with a smartphone not my lifestyle. Instead of engaging in endless facebook streaming posts, I prefer reading, or other hobbies if I want to say so I need to choose my way or another.

Online gaming is also not my lifestyle, my premier time is during younger times before I come out for work. After I graduated, my time with gaming is merely for those who have the game over condition. Nowadays all is a never ending game, want you to pump money into it eventually, or to keep plantation that complete waste of time, better stead for game focus on solve problems or get the mission to be accomplished and then game over.

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