Evolution of journaling

We humankind make use of paper and pencil for a long civilisation. From being elite and noble access only technology and means for them pass down the knowledge and distribute into a certain class of people. It starts to change when mass printing becomes available, so do newspapers, magazine and books mass distribution.

Along the accelerated development for the print media, stationary like notebook and pencil remain one of the simple and accessible medium for journaling what we want to capture, whether for daily, work, travel adventure or other use case the user choose to write them down or for study for specific subject matter, use as learning journal.

I had read somewhere basically that we humankind are good at creativity but not good at precision and routine (that is what machines and computing are good at). So, thru the choose of whether warm or cool technology, (warm technology refer to physical notebook and pencil alike, cool technology is keyboard and open software application and write them down) we continue to write our life journey into warm/cool medium and the result is remain the same, our own journal, where the main audience remain is yourself.

Mass digitization since 1995 where the first internet e-commerce transaction in consumer level, Internet and online technology became one of no stoppable engines for sucking all kinds of resources inside. It is digital, so basically all the digital data and information can be transformed from one place to another at the speed of the Internet in real time. Value for digital is becoming more valuable compared with the old generation of printed media, and after so many years of using and keeping evolution for better products (hardware, software), and we start to notice the print media industry and sector to fall, its glory past can not be duplicated in the future. Either adapt for the change to offer digital media consumption or you are facing the decline to extinction.

For my own example, I did write here and there in physical form across all forms of notebook, for work or personal, and even for travel trips, or clip some of print media hope in future will be useful. Along the years, technology changes take place. From using word processor like Microsoft Word to Lotus Word Pro (I still like it Notebook division tab to divide section), or using Presentation software like PowerPoint to OneNote (it exist for a long time as standalone product), to using Evernote, DayOne (for iPhone, Mac laptop, iPad in the past), then using Android smartphone, I change to Journey App. Personal website from simplicity html then to blogger and wordpress alike. And recently explored for iPad Pro with the pencil2 for sketching and drawing, and it makes it possible for complete digital workflow, and my physical journaling seems like it will become historical records for the past.

Sometimes I saw other people showcase their physical journal and their time spent in developing it, it recalled my memories for those times I used for the similar purpose. It is highly inspired, but I think I will not roll back to physical. It just seems very cool for using a typewriter, but I think it matters for technology breakthrough and letting get it to reality, and look forward into the future. If I want to preserve the printed media for my own, maybe. But if you want to express yourself to the world and talk with other people of the same mind as people in the world, make use of online technology then digital is the way to go. Not to mention it is much more space efficient to store that, as in compare with physical print media.

Same time happens for book and magazine reading, I get used to being in digital right now. I still can use my highlighter and make notes and comment, so basically it offers more flexible access with me to any place I want to go, and read them on demand.

The real challenge is to put all the digital output into a single consolidated place that can be accessed and without worry for software vendors locked down into never ending proprietary software, where just a mean for software we use to record our own data and they want to locked you for that.

You like it or not, local storage will not be enough for the modern multimedia (picture, voice, video) to be carry with you from local client (I refer to you laptop, mobile or tablet device), the only way that make sense is to keep in the cloud, and we just using Client for the journaling, I think that most likely the future direction where I write my journal.

Saw from the photo taken in the past, when I got my very first journal notebook, in the sexy red color and in the pocket size. Eventually I move toward regular size. And that's the last physical journal I keep.

Along the transition, I enjoy my journaling in iOS time with AwesomeNote (made by Korea developer). Everything just fine, until they decide to drop Google Drive sync, and offer just EverNote sync (and at that time EverNote is drop Atlas, a geotag map to show where the note is taken), so I end up drop Evernote since it do not ever had the map to show geotag information, as most of the time I travel I like to record on the go, that feature can continue see from journaling app like DayOne/JourneyApp. Anyway, that is the history as well, as I move toward cloud based journaling.

It do not have the perfect solution exist for journaling, the specific feature will be existing in one point of time, then technology change (such as in the past I love Evernote until Atlas feature is remove out from the app), DayOne drop to allow sync to other storage provider except their want to lock you down, AwesomeNote drop Google Drive sync, all for them have their very own vendor commercial consideration, I do not blame them, since it is not develop for me alone, since it not more fit the both end expectation, so let end it and move toward other solution for very own journaling needs and requirement with the future proof in mind.

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