COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Out of expectation, this widely spread began in late 2019, from Wuhan of China and infected almost anyone on the planet and needed nation lockdown and affected almost everyone, whether you are working or not.

For me without doubt, this is a bio weapon grade virus, whether or not and we should not argue, for whether it is mis-managed or whatever ends up this bio weapon leak in such a way and makes the high chance for global mass killing for infected person, one after another.

Being home for one and a half months, the government announced another round of extension for another 2 weeks, so at the time, it ends on May 12, 2020.

The mass disruption and global economic impact is far and worse than everyone expects. If this virus outbreak eventually goes away, I think the world should work out something just like stopping the Nuke crisis and need a way to control it, it should not be further developed. I do not want to say much, but based on the pre and post incident, it can draw the logical conclusion for I think, for most ordinary people to know what is going on.

The coming wave of global recession, I can expect how worse it will become. Retailing sector can not do business, the travel and tourism sector hit the worst, chain reaction to hotels and global transportation, in particular airlines and all forms of human transport. Nation lockdowns and travel bans, the general public whether in domestic or overseas, all fear the virus infection, and it all ends up with the shift in the market pattern in global scale. For sure, small business to large global business, all is affected by it.

I can imagine a collective and global aggregate law suite for the post liability damage will be coming as well. Previous scheduled travel plans need to be canceled and the time to deal with post damage life that is coming too.

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