Where you want to go?

I think this is a very good fundamental question to be asking ourselves to make sure we are really know where we want to go.

Single and solo traveler is easy, if you are not married or with kids, you have more choice can be made. This is why we see those travel around the world traveller, mostly is sole traveller in some extent, unless both the couple is doing travel related business, basically the trip is sponsored. Else, you are in the very rich family in various means, of course those are less but not rare.

Where we want to go, we are in a very large extent "learn" or being forced to absorb those marketing content by various marketing means, whether in the book, movies, tv shows, paid sponsored content and so on.

This is why tourism is big business under the planet, and related industry and sector together make up global business industry.

Of course, no people will foresee the coronavirus outbreak happen and impact in such a wide region basis. It impact mine either, planned trip in June of this year whether should I with family continue, as the virus outbreak seem like never ending event yet.

For business wise, has become everyone's problem, no matter who invented it for whatever reason for this bio weapon, we are now need to deal with it.

Where we want to go? it seem like it largely shaped by the environment variable too.Hope the coronavirus outbreak resolve soon.

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