Lim Kim Keong's InfoCentral

In 1994, a program known as InfoCentral 1.0, a personal information manager (PIM) is released at that time that can create and store outlines, calendars, contacts, and todo lists using an object-oriented tree structure. It features a customizable database, can "connect" to information from other windows programs, a built-in dialer, and bundles several pre-populated reference "ibases". InfoCentral was originally released by WordPerfect Corp, then purchased by Novell, and later owned by Corel. It was initially part of WordPerfect's "Main Street" software family.

I had used the product before, and I like the idea for multiple different database like people x place x event link and a way for creating relationship record at that time, the word "InfoCentral" I borrow and use for this status for the update, for the website, it actually a "frame" with some fixed pages content, but the rest is all dynamic update content I develop direct with the blogging platform.

I believe this way will make me easy to update various content via the different blog to achieve much better results, since all the related matters can saw in one blog, seem to me more or less like the different notebook.

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