Learning over study and reading

After some thoughts, I think learning is more appropriate title for me to use as this dedicated blog for dealing with learning matters. Reading such a reading book etc is a bit of passive in the process, study in active, mainly we use for focus on studying for school, profession study etc.

However, learning is in more open context, as we can learn no just from the book, it can be online article, post, youtube video, or an event that end up we learn something we never know how to handle in the past, but after the event, we learned.

Learning can be also related to education, but that is ever more open and generic form of education for explore to range of things either never do it before or advance into a field of study, such as MBA, PhD etc.

Learning can be from the on the job training as well. This is why I choose to select Learning matters as the title, of course, it matters for preference as well.

In the end we use the term lifelong learning, that also the reason behind the title.

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