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We all are different, in term of culture, age and sex and explore to various journaling method or learn from someone who we come across. It matters for lifestyle choice, no such thing as one way better than another, what really matters most is the way to keep is produce results you look for.

Midori travel journal (not necessary to be a Midori brand, I use it to describe a similar type of travel notebook), I personally used it before, the size is just perfect, can be used for clip almost all kinds of print material come across and put inside, and write something. I usually use washi masking tape to deco the page. It is what I called "warm media", you can hold it, write on the paper, touch on it, flip on it, at the end of the trip, that perfect travel gift you give to yourself.

Some said, a picture is worth a thousand words, for those still carrying cameras like me, will know the enjoyment of looking at the viewfinder and frame for the precision moment and freeze that moment, and enjoy back from the output. This is why, traveling and my camera are always with me. Trend is changing as smartphones start to incorporate multiple lenses, maybe in the future, cameras will be extinct, but until that day comes, I still enjoy using it for snapshots for what I see along the trip.

Laptop, in particular for those in slim size around 12" it my perfect travel companion. Yes, we can accomplish a lot with a smartphone, tablet, but for speed, and able to lay down on the sofa, beaches, I prefer laptop.

Tablet, being positioned as the 3rd display, from laptop to smartphone, provides a bigger display that a smartphone can not be given, perfect for using digital pencil for sketching and writing. It is another choice for use on leisure occasions, like at the beach for ebook reading, street sketching, or surf the internet at whatever position you like, even in your bed.

Of course, write directly to the smartphone as a way. If the trip is really challenging and I need to let go for so many, maybe at the end of the day, what we really carry is just a smartphone alone as a modern traveller with style. Ultimately, we want to enjoy traveling with someone we care about and see the scene and enjoy the moment together, I think that is what matters most.

If you come across different ways and mean that work for you, feel free to share with me, I can be reached via email.

- Vincent

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