Coronavirus outbreak impact on travel

COVID-19, this humankind invent bio weapon grade virus outbreak really capture the world in surprise, spread at the speed that end up becoming a global threat, and for the traveller and tourist alike, to postpone or cancel previous planning or booking trip.

The worst part of it is no one knows who are being infected in the early stage since without those symptoms. As more and more countries start to perform defending acting, such as blocking for certain place or nation to visit their country, or demanding for the isolation for 2 weeks, that for sure impact on the original travel and trip planning for most people.

With above fear in place, travel and leisure sector being in the most impact, follow with sectors like retailing and food and beverage, for address tourist need for shopping and dining.

From the start in December, become major threat after Chinese New Year (CNY) - end of January, and now already in the march, no see the sign for slow down.

I saw the airline and hotel being affected as well, since less people traveling now. 

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