Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Saw it last night with family. First day in show in local cinema. Write down the thought.
If in compare with the Star Wars 8, this Star Wars 9 do a good job to please audience. But due to want to catch up and ending the story, it take longer time to tell the story.
Maybe it just outdated story since 1970, now of the scene just do not feel engaged. But overall, the ending by revisit where Luke Skywalker stay and iconic duo sunset set make a good ending for the whole story this way, Rey become Rey Skywalker. Actually Skywalker family line is stop, with Leia and Ben also died in this movie.
I can imagine, no matter how, this will not be something or even mega hit movie, for me, also base on being a kid time Star Wars original trilogy so I buy the movie ticket. Actually I do not have any specific expectation since the last Star Wars 8 movie.
Whether it is the story audience want or not, but it is commercial project that deliver what they believe a good commercial project.
For new new trilogy, just put Jedi into unusual powerful, can talk across universe and take things across space dimension. Anyhow, it ok, since just a story. After watch it, I conclude the Star Wars story finally in the end, total 9 chapters. The long long time ago, in the galaxy far far away story I put it in the end, whether future I will watch any more expand or extended story, no sure whether buy-in or not, since I really found tired, and in reality the star wars galaxy universe is bit of dated.
Like it or not, now is the generation of superhero, they cross over and make the story entertaining, whether you like it or not, this is how this generation is going.
By the way, entire movie, I found it entertain only in the death star ruin light saber fight scene sequence, the rest just no sure who to describe, so so.

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