Joker (2019)

I saw it on the first night it was shown in my country. Before that, when I saw news about, somehow, how to challenge the role and act as iconic legendary Joker, and make a standalone movie, no superheroes, no CGI, entire movie just about the character later known as Joker, I already found it exciting.
Really, about recently, all the so-called superheroes movie I watch just like everyone, it continues from the sunset comics industry and moves those superheroes over to movie, back with modern CGI, whether or not the actor really can act, no one really brother. You find it empty, just wonder how the story goes, it is more like habitual, one movie after another, whether it is all superheroes together, or just a solo movie for that superhero.
By seeing the Joker (2019), aftermath, it let me see how a complete rewrite, no need superhero, the movie and focus on the actor, what can it be in this iconic role we know it as Joker. If the actor who plays the Joker up to this extent, you as the audience still can not get notice for the transition of Joker, what else I can say.
But this is no movie for young kids, rated 18 in my country. I think this for young kids and those yet to have and go through life, and reach a certain age, I do not think they can get what the message behind the whole movie is about.
Joaquin Phoenix lost 52 pounds to play “Joker”, to achieve a “wolf-like and malnourished and hungry” look. I think it did make an impact on the screen when I saw it.
What to say, an actor can act and laugh to this extent that carries the pain, you can feel it, complete Joaquin Phoenix edition (actor who plays the Joker), so unique and his version only. One way or another, it new classic and create new category and path how superhero movie, can go in a different way, and I think as audience like, I did enjoy the entire movie length experience how director and actor lead me and complete entire movie. It makes my time really worth and counts.
Movies like this can not be like End Game, since it basically requires a lot of movie story to accumulate and reach that, it can not be a single movie film to accomplish. So in that extent, Avatar is a single movie and story that is impressive and achieves high gross accomplishment. So do movies like Joker, since adult rated only, had limited movie market ticket sales, but I think as a good movie, it is worth it for adults to spend the time to enjoy it once in the cinema for a movie like this, I can see and feel the actor acting and Joaquin Phoenix is Joker in the end. This can not compare with previous Dark Knight, its different class and category of movie, that Joker (actor Heath Ledger) is in a different context and time frame, and put under the superhero storyline.
Overall, it ends up being one of the good movies I saw in the cinema and I found my time really worth spending my time with, sorry, I did saw End Game and the rest of the superhero movie, but that entertain, and after watching it, it fades from my memory, I no really brother who pay which superhero, since who plays which role for my does not matter, the main purpose is saw the CGI. But saw Joker (2019) is actually we saw Joaquin Phoenix in his live performance and how it acts and makes his version of Joker and present for the audience. I can see those scenes, without script, just body movement, very convincing, I saw the nude body of Joaquin Phoenix, the body is acting also, pairing with his unique laugh that gives me feel pain, classic.
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