Hill of Crosses | Lithuanian | Trip 2017.6 Baltic States and Poland

It is a site of pilgrimage about 12 km north of the city of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania. The practice of leaving crosses on the hill and end up with endless crosses. As told 100,000 crosses in 2006. Now 2019 for how many, need to see for the new data and for someone really had the time to make the count.

I myself am no Christian believer, but I did respect world religion, they exist and serve the purpose for mankind and for those who believe. This is why each time I travel and visit a religion site, I observed and pay my respect, in particular when saw people who believe and the time they worship, that is one of the beautiful spiritual moment also catch my eye, if I come across, whether or not I manage to snap the moment and become part of my visual memory or not. It is particularly exciting when people take pilgrimage for their religious purpose.

The more places we travel, the more detailed we will forget. One or two important moments that snapshot during the trip did make me easy to anchor that trip memories or moment in the visual way, or trigger the event or what happened at the time.

If you want me to make grouping, Baltic states countries should group under Russia related countries, it gives me the feeling. Compared with Nordic Europe countries, it does not fit there, else the most is grouping under Eastern Europe, since it is next to Poland, where most of the former USSR is grouping over. Anywhere exact grouping is not important, it's just what we travel and build up the generalization over, what really counts is what we see, eat, experience during the trip into a place never explored before.

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