Competing for the Future

I just came across the quote, that from Google Larry. He said most businesses fail, because they missed the future. I would like to agree with that from what I observed along those years. I use a quote maker to make one of the posters for the post.

I recall reading a business book while still in mid 20, 1994 co author by Garry Hamel and C.K. Prahalad. The book from 25 years ago talks about not just focusing on the past and competing now, it is important to have clear visibility for the business to know what business you are in for the next 3 to 5 years, i.e. the future.
It is important for you to know which area you want to compete in, then work backward from now, so you have a buffer to build up the core competency to compete in the future. The strategic intent framework that I read at that time, and after 25 years gone, I saw the quote, it flashing me back, for those reading. Those readings either direct or indirectly help me be a better educated businessperson. Save me a lot of time from the error by picking up those lessons I read and come across.
Now I am mid 40, the world is going through massive change at the Internet speed that I think even Steve Jobs will find it in a completely different battlefield. Apple's current business scenario and context is completely different when he handed it over to Tim Cook. So, Tim Cook had his own strategic intent and what next move, what we need to see is how it translates into business performance for the next 3 to 5 years.
Did you realise that those successful ventures are all about disruptive innovation? Since established market leaders and players already dominate the majority of market share, they are not really interested to make the change, and keep milking the cow. For example, Steve time invented iTunes and iPod, transformed the music industry; iPhone transformed existing mobile phone industry; iPad created a complete new product tablet device in the market; Apple watch transformed traditional watch industry. For unlimited movies and TV show streaming, we had Netflix on a global scale. We had ride sharing transform traditional taxi business, the list goes on. The Important lesson is, are we mobilizing current resources to acquire strategic competency required for compete in the future? I think that the key question every top leadership for the company needs to answer.
So, are you thinking about how to compete in the future and working from now on? share my thoughts.

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