Apple why fall in design after Steve Jobs dead

From the reading and own actual user experience, now it make sense, after Steve Jobs dead, succession by Tim Cook, his job is maximize profit for stakeholder (without doubt, few year on the road, they recycle and keep using previous design and “milking the market”, this is why despite had very cool designer Jony Ive still there but practically do not use their design heavy for make any new innovative replacement, or purposely slow it down.

Jony Ive present the new design Mac Pro series for Tim Cook

After a few years on the road (by practicing this cash maximisation strategy), this is why we see the same phone look and feel for each generation of new iphone, ipad and almost everything, because it recycles the old design. To counter the fall in unit sales volume, they start to increase the price for each new release, and still sell old phones. But since early this year, they no more publish unit sales volume, because finally the market had fall dramatically (let be realistic, the magic from Steve Jobs – the greatest salesperson for Apple, is long gone after his dead), due to manipulate for those years, market really tired for Apple product that more excited to be own one of it, all look for change. This is why Apple got to transform, make the shift to services subscription model.

So with that iconic and great designer left this year, I can imagine how the coming design will look and feel like,  because it does not have the soul, no more being innovative and leading the change.

No wonder I saw the smart watch despite for so many generations remain the same. When in comparison with Samsung each new release they want to break the past, under this scenario and context, how can Apple not fall. Market is no stupid, whether you are provide them your very best product for each round, or competitor who did, they know.

Now I fully understand, why after iphone 3G, then 4, but after I lose interest in iphone, because it no more consider innovative, and I make the shift to Android, from Sony (take photo), to Samsung S9+, and if I consider another phone for near future, guess what?

Side note, Jony Ive has started his own “LoveFrom” brand and logo, we should expect something from him and his own design firm in the market soon. US trademark filing also makes references to goods and services that cover every category of product everyone could imagine, from cars, drones, beauty products, household appliances, kitchen appliances, etc.  So we need to actually see what Jony Ive’s focus is on at  LoveFrom. Apple’s announcement said that it will be a client of Ive’s new design firm, we can imagine why, since the Apple design soul is with Jony Ive, if Spirit is with Steve Jobs.

Jony Ive, being Chief of Design for Apple, present elegant MacBook (MacOSX laptop) for the public.

Jony Ive is using his iconic design iphone, that make change for human kind in this category of smart phone product
John Ive bring ipad series for close up look and inspect his own design

How many still remember the pre iphone era iMac, one of the iconic design at that time by Jony Ive
How many remember 16 years old Mac Cube design?

Jony Ive and Mark Newson custom design (RED) Leica M Sells for USD 1.8 Million at Charity Auction

I just realized, all the while what I bought for those years, actually a Jony Ive design product. It is really worth considering and better use its design talent in a better way outside of Apple, since the strategy now pursued is very different from the Steven Jobs era. In the business, nothing is right or wrong, different eras need different strategies, and different leadership need different teams of people to work for them. Like it or not, in the Tim Cook era, he had his own mind and what to be good for Apple now and future, we need to see how it is good for the near future. I believe at least giving the market once again what excites them about innovative products that wow should be considered, at least to balance the market wants and needs as one part of the overall consideration. It's no point to kill off the goose (the market) that provides you the golden eggs.

Look forward positively what industrial design product Jony Ive will market under his own design firm LoveFrom Jony

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