Top Japan Experience visit Onsen hot springs

An onsen (温泉) is a Japanese hot spring; the term also extends to cover the bathing facilities and traditional inns frequently situated around a hot spring.

Depend on the regional location, it had run by Japan traditional Ryokan (旅館 Japanese style inn) or by resort hotel. It can be enjoyed in various ways. For me personally I like to enjoy outdoor onsen with landscape scenery that changes following the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. I personally found it enjoyable to simply sit and take the onsen bath by doing nothing, just enjoy the scene and get calm. Always in my mind is sometime I thought to travel so far, actually it comes to enjoy the onsen and that moment of joy.

Hot springs used to be a sacred place where people could cure their injuries and diseases in earlier times when they had little knowledge of health and had little medication. In the Edo period, people with disease started to stay for weeks or more at hot spring areas to be cured and it was the start of the inns nowadays. Now Hot spring has become an entertainment in Japan including sightseeing tours.

For the traveling kingdom of onsen, it is hard for you to miss an area famous for onsen, it just a matter of whether you are willing to make a stop and a stay. For me, when traveling Japan, I always see the area I pass by will have a famous onsen town or Ryokan, maybe worth a stay instead of modern hotel accommodation. As far as travel experience is concerned, onsen ryokan is the first choice.

If you eat, make sure you pause for at least 30 minutes before taking onsen. Bathing can make it harder for muscles to relax and can place a greater burden on your heart.

I recall a few of my personal enjoy moments to be shared over here.

First trip to Japan, I choose to travel Hakkaido during winter time. One stop at Niseko, got indoor and outdoor onsen. After try out indoor, move toward outdoor. Since it is late winter, it is actually cool by moving your body from indoors naked till you have your body bathing inside the outdoor onsen pool. Then I can enjoy the scene just in front of me. Winter and snowing scenes, as from what I saw is forest cover by winter, and the snowing happening, that what is so beautiful for the landscape scene, never thought before can enjoy it in such a way. There after I had a very positive experience with taken onsen. Of course, not all the stays along the trip all had such a great landscape scene, but it was a matter of enjoyment.

Trip 6 to Japan, while exploring Shikoku and in Shadoshima island, the outdoor onsen is actually at the resort roof, so can take the opportunity to see all the surrounding area.

Trip 7 to Japan, revisit Shirakawago, but this round is autumn (last round I visit is winter). And I choose to stay in the village onsen ryokan. It is an enjoyable moment to take the outdoor onsen while seeing the autumn scene spread among the mountains and hills, hear the river stream and feel the breeze of winds. We can live our life in a busy way or choose to enjoy it in the right environment, context and right scene.

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