Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

2019-Feb-5 10am

Hon Thom is an island, known as Pineapple island, in the past famous for produce Pineapple. It own by Sun World group and make it nature park. We come here mainly for take the long island jump cable car (across three islands) and hanging on the beach, and have the lunch stop before continue next destination.

It access from the Phu Quoc cable car terminal. Take from outside.
Another photo taken while at cable car terminal.

Sun World Hon Thom Ticket.

Sun World Hon Thom Ticket Gate to take cable car ride, jump over to island.

If here got one scene really unique then should be this one. While taken the cable car ride and jumping island, can saw lot of fishing boat near the local pier.

This is how the island jump become possible by build up a long and tall cable car station and joint them together.

From the cable car town down shooting, can see the jump over island scene from the island top.

Arrived the Pineapple island station. The lantern handing on top of the station hall roof. We will take the free shuttle to the beach station.

Scene while got feel, I can imagine for beautiful sunset moment. But just too many people on the beach, and under the hot sun, no really in the mood for enjoy beach.

Sun flower farm near the beach station.

Hanging for drink and enjoy the time wait till the lunch time.

We had the buffet lunch. The buffet lunch ticket.
This is the place, just next to the beach.

My hat and my camera bag.

Food is actually so so, but I do not think got better alternative choice over here.
Taken from the cable car while way back to Phu Quoc cable car terminal.

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