New website for new begining

This is write in the very beginning and serve as the update for the website. If you visit the website before I up all the feature and function, you will notice some is not function, please visit back in the near future.

As I do not intent to duplicate, copy or move what had been doing at previous website, so this website you will notice mostly new content.

2020-Apr-23 12:40pm

Above post is written and mentioned regarding a former website where at the time I write this already successfully migrated over to blogger platform instead, to consolidate all sub domain websites into single, and using tag for divide the content instead. In this way, it is much hassle free for me to maintain multiple websites with different themes.

Above post is maintained as part of import, and I think let it here for future reference. Building a new website is one off effort, but the challenging part is keep feeding with the content, this is why in the end I decided to consolidate into one, despite I know separate websites make sense for putting all the subject matter into one.

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