Muong Thanh Luxury Phu Quoc Hotel

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2019-Feb-4, 3pm.

From airport and arrived hotel check in at 3pm. After put down the travel bags in the room, we had the late lunch.

This is the hotel we stay until last day for the trip. Aftermath as noted that this entire region is new hotel and resort region secure by one Vietnam group with the government, and it seem lot of hotel chain is come here to build up their hotel. The hotel is one of them and fully function, no like other still in construction.

First impressive given while taken behind the reception area.

As usual, souvenir shop sell some travel items, photo taken while wait for get the hotel room key.

Hotel room with three bed.

Another photo taken from the toilet and hotel room show thru the glass, the curtain can pull down to isolate them.

Since in the hotel, and no in rush for the day, so get relax and spend the rest of the time in hotel, include swimming pool with kid.

No sure is local common dish or what, for both lunch and dinner time, we had this same dish but do in different way.

Taken from the restaurant floor and look down to one part of the lobby.

Night, taken outside while go out for the street walk.

Hotel in night taken while in some distance on the street outside. This whole area just too new, no much night time activity can be do outside.

Another hotel water fountain that will change color. I stop down and take the photo. From the windows lights I can imagine hotel room occupancy rate.

2019-Feb-5 Chinese New Year Day 1

Yes, today is Chinese New Year. And as recent year tradition, our family like to take family greeting photo together.

Some how in the tradition believe today is appropriate to dress something in red.

Hotel breakfast with family.

One dish, Vietnamese beef noodle. Depend on where you eat this dish, slightly different in the combination.

After hotel breakfast we are departure and start the sightseeing on the island.

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