Departing to Phu Quoc Island

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2019-Feb-4. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

It time for traveling again, we choose Chinese New Year in this island instead, with the assumption no travel much and had the family holidays together. Distance wide is no consider long trip as well.

After check in and hanging for a drink while wait for departure time at near the gate.

So it is 12:50 afternoon flight. As expect arriving there will had the late lunch in hotel and then dinner both at hotel. Should be easy going day.

Saw from the windows while on boarding.

The flight seat is slowing filled with passengers.

I think for AirAsia, is the travel360 magazine, also enjoyable to flip thru, the travel photography is very eye catching.

Nice travel photo.

Highly inspired even without reading by just flip thru it.

This is highly inspired travel photo. Instead of millions of photo, we look for single photo that make impact.

Central Asia, eye catching moment.

On fly meal.

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