Music from hear to visual

I am being long time never use youtube for listen music, today one music song of below, and from there pop up endless of music song. "Laputa" castle in the sky theme song play with Chinese instrument Erhu.

I think the world have transform from pure listen to visual music. From the past we are used to hear the music and song, and now, like it or not, it become hear and see generation.

From elder master of the musician to younger one, all play great music across almost every corner in the world. In the past we seldom hear or know about them, but in the internet age, thru a smartphone video capture it and share to the world, is that easy. In the past, live broadcasting is very costly live event, the world had moving so fast and better way.

Really enjoy the night for visual music, click and search. For the singer and musician want to make a living now day, go to moving toward show business. Like conduct live concert, else do not think so can be survival by selling music and song like the old day.

I still recall when I am young, I bought castle and then change to CD. Then come the mp3 generation and now visual music generation.

World keep changing and for those who can seize the future opportunity. For those who are not capable adapting to the future, regardless of size of the corporation, it out of the business, just too much classic example saw.

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