Kyoto Genko-an Temple ~ 源光庵 ~

Kyoto has a lot of famous shrines and hidden temples. Despite a few rounds of visit, it just still had some interesting attractions for next visit.

Genko-an Temple (源光庵) is one of them. It is not as famous as the rest for those must-see or visit on the first trip to Kyoto people, but it had something eye-catching. The two windows frame in this zen temple. Beautiful to be seen in summer green and colorful autumn.

Every time I visit zen temple, I just sit there and do nothing, that is a very enjoyable moment, I just see and let the time flow.

The temple is most famous for two neighbouring windows. The round one is called "The Window of Enlightenment" 「悟りの窓」which is expressing the harmony of the universe.  宇宙との調和. The round shape is a sphere which is the shape of the very basic element in the universe. The window is meant to represent a heart of Zen & Entsu ( Entsu = through the shape of a circle) 「禅と円通」.

The other square window is called "The Window of Dellusion" 「迷いの窓」which symbolizes the ignorance and human life of suffering. Those 4 corners of a square represents four painful stages of Shaka 「釈迦の四苦」 while he was on his quest to find a way to his life. Their delicate design conveys the feel of Japanese culture.

These windows are best viewed in autumn, when the maple trees in the garden are brightly coloured or in pure summer green.

Our visit at the time was just good timing without too many tourists, making it a very comfortable moment to sit just in front of the two windows, and had that zen moment, just do nothing. Beside the building, next link building can have the outdoor autumn scene, I spend my good time there as well.

Despite our visit here, we have not yet turned to the colorful autumn scene, but enjoy it. That what travel is about, alway had something we left over, for our next visit.

Our travel journal stamping book (left hand one) is collected from the temple. Not all the temples and shrines had that stamping service, but some did. Since trip 7 in Japan, we started to carry the stamping book for the occasion that had that service offer. In the past without cameras invented, so it is in the ancient past using this type of travel journal stamping book, let the temple or shrine officer chop and stamp and write when you visit, serve as a kind of proof also as a good travel gift.

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