Takayama Hida Wagyu Beef 高山 和牛 ~ 飛騨牛 ~

In the Japan Chubu (中部) region, one dish in mind, that Takayama (高山) Hida Beef (飛騨牛). Type of Wagyu (和牛).

Japan has a global reputation for magnificently tender and high quality Wagyu beef, at least three times more compare with Western countries best beef offer. So traveling Japan, obviously should no be miss the opportunities to taste local many delicious varieties of Wagyu. Off course now days we can taste it any place in the world, but for traveling and taste it in local restaurant and cook in local way is unique experience.

When traveling Chubu region/ Shoryudo Gifu prefecture then Hida beef from Takayama is considered one of the very best. It just like travel below region and area should no miss the local Wagyu as well.

*Matsusaka Ushi wagyu (松阪牛) in Mie prefecture.

*Kobe wagyu (神户牛) in Hyogo prefecture, Kansai. 

*Ohmi wagyu (近江牛) in Shiga prefecture.

Miyazaki wagyu (宮崎牛) in Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu.

Kumamoto wagyu 熊本『和王』and Aso wagyu『阿蘇王』, Kyushu.

Iwate Japanese Shorthorn wagyu (岩手短角牛) in Iwate prefecture, Tohoku.

Yoneza wagyu (米澤牛) in Yamagata prefecture, Tohoku.

Hitachi wagyu (常陸牛) in Ibaraki prefecture, Kanto.

Kazusa wagyu (上總牛) in Chiba prefecture, Kanto.

Kyoto wagyu (京都牛) in Kyoto prefecture, Kansai.

Sendai wagyu (仙台牛) in Sendai prefecture, Tohoku.

*Top three Wagyu (和牛). 

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