Hokuriku area Crab ~ Echizen Gani crabs ~ 北陆 越前蟹

First thing in my mind when travel Hokuriku region (北陆) is crab (kani in Japanese).

The three prefectures of Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui are collectively called Hokuriku region and this area faces the Sea of Japan, so it is famous for delicious crabs.

Crab dishes different from place to place, but in general follow season. begins to serve crab dishes in the time frame corresponding to the lifting of the ban for catching zuwai-gani (snow crab). Zuwai-gani (male snow crabs) and kobako-gani (female snow crabs) that are full of meat inside and give you a taste of the inherent rich and sweet flavors of crabs have exquisite uchiko (unfertilized roe), sotoko (fertilized roe), miso (innards) and meat.

Hokuriku area Crab season will start early of November.

Echizen Gani crabs (越前蟹) are male snow crabs caught in the ocean off Fukui prefecture. Some 70 to 80 cm long, succulent and delicately sweet, they are known as the king of winter flavors. 

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