Change from Wordpress to blogger

I know, lot of people will said for reverse, but I think it work for me, the blog is for personal blogging and so no really need graphic theme or design, it here to save my time and make me easy blogging what I like during leisure time.

One of the big reason is google photos and video, I no really need to think and just create album from there and just share, save me lot of time as well.

Work or not, let time to prove itself, right now just need to keep blogging while I want to.

Maybe I should divide the theme content into various niche dedicate site, in this way, consistency and easy to go with and expand, since it is same category of the content.

No sure how it go, but will know by 2019 then. With this move expect to stay in Google eco system and make online time more specific and relevant.

At the time for writing, and port back content into blogger, but it seem photo is no copy over, so may need to patch them manually, some portion at the free time as I go.

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