Change for faster content publishing cycle

It being a while and it seem I am no really that motivate like the past, on the online wordpress blog publishing. Since the world keep changing, it really hard to keep and maintain that in the consistency manner.

The technology keep advancing and by maintain a channel for expression, well, that the original motivate for me write blog post.

Some how more and more life distraction whether online or offline. This is why I think for how to make or maybe it time to think how to grouping and narrow down for what to write for the blog post for expression.

Among the years, I am myself seldom engage in any social media site as well, maybe just reach the time found it bored. I personally still think, maintain own website for long term still a best way to go for the future, due to no matters what happen (in others website), I still maintain the content and more important, I do not associate with others social media website and require to accept their privacy and make use of personal data for whatever purpose.

So, I thinking of use this remain of this year time to sort out, maybe change of the theme and some topics regrouping for me easy maintain, update and keep going.

Maybe after come back for autumn trip to Hokuriku region of Japan (round 7 for travel Japan), I see how to make those change in the proper way.

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