Tomb Rider (2018)

Reboot for the Tomb Rider that more human realistic and eye catching new Laro and Japan Himiko legend being the background story.

I am finally found the time to watch it. It let me recall for the feeling like long long time ago while I watch Indiana Jones, it different kind of adventure story where more treasure hunter and with modern technology.

Maybe modern beauty standard had change, more flat figure for the Lara role. No matter how, it just like recent Batman Begin series that re boot the entire movie and story, let see how it go.

One part I really like is the movie begin with the Japan ancient Himiko legend, like those ancient paper and painting works.

Compare with The Star Wars 8, that I complain a lot, this is more easy going movie. Surprise me, it seem I am no the only one complain about the Star Wars 8, the directors and movie production crew fail the movie, the Star Wars galaxy and all fans for it.

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