Fez Morocco

Recently I am thinking, saw from other people great photo and then re look into own photo, just found out that from all the trips, I did take a great landscape or travel photography scene, but just do not selective pick with photo eye based on found out which one had the interesting photo story element for being a great photo story drive travel photography.

This photo recently in my mind, when process it, back stage element is the typical landscape photo, I think I think it correctly. But it just lack some of the interesting or unique element, so I flip those all the photo I take from the same location i taken, found out 3 person I think local friend for each other, pick to see and lookout. But that photo, the backstage they are look out no as great as the one I take.

So, to make it more interesting and unique, I remove out the photo with the 3 local background, and keep only the front, make it as the layer and blend into original photo. That is the photo you saw right now. A simple think and creative manipulation of the photo, I based on the imagination creative expression and make up my very own photo I take.

For some photo journalist may said it is not truly reflect what I take since it combine two photo into one. But as the modern traveller, I am had my right to make my very own travel experience that meaning for myself. Thru this round of experiment, I understand how to look into photo story element from the photo, from own photo, for the better photo story development.

This is why, from great photographer Steve McCurry also position itself as photo story and visual story teller, I can fully understand why. And the modern graphic design and creative expression tool just lot of potential to make up something where greater than the photo you capture alone, that consider as the raw input only, and another part is the why photo story you want to tell and creative expression accordingly.

With now days, everyone had the mobile phone capable to take photo, pure snapshot of the scene, nothing special. Unless you are capture rare to be seen scene or situation, then you need to think and be creative for your visual expression, what story you want to tell.

We can snapshot thousands of the photo, may or may not be even one photo had the photo story element. As we as traveler, we are not director, we do not bring in crew of people, actor to create the scene for what we want. So the photo story become a very important element, what story we want to tell. And this is the photo story I made, taken from one of lookout location over to the old city of Fez, UNESCO World Heritage site that I visit.

Lesson that I learn and I share.

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