Star Wars Jedi Sahara Desert Sunrise Walk

Endless desert of Sahara desert is one of the good stage where I realize one of the kid time memory for dress in jedi and walking the desert in the morning sunrise moment. The video capture that time experience and moment.

When I know one of the place I will visit is desert, base on own desert visit and travel experience, I know it the good stage for Star Wars Jedi dress and make a very good impact for my life. The more travel I made and shooting on the various scene, the moment I realize just point-and-shoot is no enough, that too surface level for capture the photo. It do not link up with the better interpretation I had in my mind. And Star Wars Jedi walk in the desert the scene idea pop up in my mind, so I put that into execution.

And from the execution I gain the first hand experience how will it like, Jedi walk in the desert. Obviously if I can carry lightsaber maybe make a unique scene as well. But for travel, it never take two, so need to base on what available to take the photo.

If you ask me, as I remake this video, put in the Star Wars opening theme and music, and I watch back, that left me the impact. Once in a life time, really, sometime is no able just be there and touch and go, it also about how we choose to related it with our our, so do be a part of our lifetime experience that can be lasting forever.

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