Weligama Sri Lanka

From my trip, visit to Weligama (a town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka) and had a stay at the resort for 2 nights. First we pass thru the town, lot of people in the town, then reach the coastline, and follow the coastline reach our resort that need to stay 2 nights, to explore southern region of Sri Lanka. The name Weligama, literally means "sandy village" which refers to the area's sandy sweep bay.

Some travel photo taken while pass thru the Weligama town.

 Pass thru a bridge saw the local boat below the bridge

Pass thru a narrow street lot of people come out seem like attend tuition, saw me bring the camera and surprise most of the local people is smile on the camera.

My memories, where I and my kid session for the chess play while wait for the room key to be ready at the lobby.

Weligama beach in front of resort, due to the wave, saw lot of people come here for surfing.

Some travel photo taken while in the resort. Two night of buffet. Beach walk.

Day 2 morning set, ocean wave and breeze.

From my resort room balcony, can saw lot of people surfing.

Sunset moment taken from my resort room balcony.

Sea bird fly thru in front of me, while I at my resort room balcony, while enjoy the sunset moment.

Last photo take by wife, it seem like I really prefer beach, ocean wave and breeze. No need to do anything, just hanging around let the time flow.

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