Traditional age-old fishing scene in Sri Lanka

One scene I saw before from famous travel photographer it take a traditional fishing scene on Sri Lanka, feature some man seated on a narrow pole tied to a long stick and seem like one leg fishing pose, it make a very long impact for me on the Sri Lanka. I said some day if I travel Sri Lanka I want to see it by my own eye as well. This is how travel photography inspire us to travel to different part of the planet for a different kind of travel expectation.

If you ask me, that the one travel photography that really stand out and make the impact for me. Different person had different motivate to take the travel trip and journey, this is the reason behind make me motivate to visit Sri Lanka.

Stilt Fishermen. Sri Lanka. South Coast. Weligama. 1995. This is the travel photo I talk about. It got two version, it seem another photo is famous also. But I like the first one. Second one come across.

As I saw in the documentary and after the scene review by the photographer, it actually lot of time date and time to keep shooting till he get what he want, with experience of different light and angle. I think this is what make him professional photographer while I am just traveler, snapshot what I see along the way what I on the go.

With the research, this is age-old fishing method practised by the fishing community in areas like Welipenna, Koggala, Kumbalgama, Midigama, Thalarambe and Kathaluwa down South.

Off course now day with the internet and youtube sharing, this become one iconic and unique experience traveler expect to see while travel Sri Lanka, look forward for my own version to realize too.

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