The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi, saw the movie in the cinema. What to said, it seem new director and producer really no like the original trilogy, kill off all the main character, so after episode 7 we had lovely character Han Solo get kill by his son Ben Solo, and now episode 8 we got legendary Jedi master Luke Skywalker consider kill off as well in the Jedi way of died.

I am thinking, really for the new director and producer so hate for the original George Lucas original story for last third chapter for his very own Star Wars story, and need to alter so much out from his original outline for how the story should be ending?

If you ask me, really kill of Han and Luke had any big impact to create in the story? surprise me another big dark force character Snoke so powerful but also kill him off in surprise, as fan I expect at least a duet with Luke Skywalker, at least both get kill of each other in this way is better stead? if really due to some personal motive need to kill off George Lucas develop character Luke.

Since all the truly powerful character is all died in this episode, left over only the new generation of Ben Solo and Rey. Whether or not had galaxy wars or battle, the both character do not seem carry weight, as we all know no one else can be provide that kind of character weight. Or maybe new director and producer found kill off powerful character in the story will bring the massive turn for emotion over the story consider creative? it that is behind motive, I give it negative 5 stars.

George Lucas build the Star Wars universe, the galaxy far far away, full of potential for the story can go, it turn it to become, as anyone can see and be aware, no George Lucas style and way.

So at the moment, I will said the most for the classic Star Wars it end episode 4,5,6 that the true classic. Prequel since the story is join back eventually, consider consistent. Even the recent Rogue One, story about the death star, it join into episode 4 for the very beginning.

For new Star Wars trilogy, let take it in the new perspective, need to know it is not from George Lucas, so nothing can blame, since the company change hand, he do not had any said and control for that.

No sure how other is make comment and review for the movie, for me no even on par with the previous Star Wars for this episode 7 and 8. Since the story out too far from the original, episode 9, I do not hope any high hope and excite for it. We saw movie not really for how creative the producer and director make it, we are buying for and expect for the story that either motivating us or create a share dream we like to take part with. It seem for me like the end for the Star Wars universe, the original one. Since the new one attempt to make no really can even on par with the classic.

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