Star Wars The Jedi and The Force

My order Star Wars Jedi cosplay dress is finally arrived just before the movie The Last Jedi on show and before I take my trip. Surprise me for how real it is for the Jedi dress pairing with the Jedi lightsaber, thru the video capture it in the motion for the lightsaber sword play, out from my expectation for so close to the imagination.

Few photo pick from the session.

Two internal layer of the dress, it give me the feel like Japanese karate dress.

Add in the outer dress, that is how the feel.

Jedi without lightsaber nothing special, it must come with the lightsaber for the character.

I think this is the typical Jedi style photo.

Jedi with the hood and carry lightsaber, I can imagine for the scene with dark force character carry red lightsaber for the sword fight, what kind of imagination will be.

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