Abu Simbel Egypt

From the Egypt trip for ancient Egyptian civilisation and river Nile cruise. One place I really had strong impression, Abu Simbel.

Still recall on the cruise ship mid night hanging on the deck with wife, I think for some star. Due to the trip to Abu Simbel need to patrol by police and all assembly one place at 3pm and depart to Abu Simbel for the first sunlight all the way light beam to the inner temple one of the stature face. To see that moment got to really be ready that early, pass thru night desert just coach light and dark all the places. I think it is 3 hours or 4 hours ride. I fall sleep but I still remember what wake up somewhere in the desert, whole sky of stars.

Due to desert no cloud and no light , so it can had crystal clear on the night sky full of stars.

I almost immediate recall, while my kid time I see full sky of stars before.

After this round of night sky experience, I had another round at Inner Mongolia while stay at endless grassland at the summer.

I think despite simple experience and moment it touching moment, without needed to had camera or video recorder, it record into our mind and just wait for the right time for play back only.

I think I travel far and frequent, maybe subconsciously I seek for similar kind of experience in my trip.

Abu Simbel is miracle also due the fact for after Dam build up for river nile and require relocate it being flood under the river. And only temple I saw human kind put himself together with the rest of 3 god, symbolic we human can be god or think we are. Temple worship god is common, in this unique form is rare. If you travel this part of the region should no miss visit it in the early morning for the first light beam moment during sunrise.

Another great wall painting saw is king in the arrow scene, lively describe and provide all the imagination who this great king in his time. Despite no camera is allow inside the temple, can not take lot of photo, but maybe due to that, we can really spend our time to really look into those wall sculpture, painting and get the feeling of the place.

While travel the ancient Egypt land, one ancient traveler worth to mention David Roberts who left lot of good travel sketch on those scene he saw, it selling from any tourist place.

Here at night got light and sound as well if you stay here should no miss it. I saw it at Pyramid, will real pyramid as the stage and tell the story for the ancient pyramid and that is truly impressive show.

Photo with my wife taken during visit Abu Simbel in front of Abu Simbel temple, indeed UNESCO World Heritage site worth to visit.

18-Feb-2010 Abu Simbel Temple, Egypt

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