Vintage old tin toys from childhood

Today go out for the lunch and visit a new open Korea BBQ restaurant. Surprising when go inside got lot of vintage old tin toys that used to own and play while on the childhood time as the decoration display on the wall.

The food no get my special attention, and what really take my eye is browse thru those vintage old tin toys from childhood that look so familiar so old fashion, but seem like help me recall my childhood memories. Maybe that serve as visual memories trigger, lot of thing I can not remember now it just flash back in my mind.

It seem at the blink of eye, I am reach 40, lot of childhood and kid time memories I already forgot, some is just so sweet and warm, I think everyone got that kind of the past childhood memories.

It is no the first time saw this kind of restaurant decoration, it seem like the trend, the common childhood memories for most of the people, whether or not you make the theme for it, when saw it, it help to link back the past memories.

Tin toy robot that carry childhood memories

I think the younger generation may not pass thru those past, despite look ugly but what it offer is childhood memories, that is why vintage of old tin toys is fashionable display for some people. For young one, it maybe the childhood memories for your parent, same like what your childhood toys in your generation.

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