Turkey Unlimited

I saw it and get draw to this travel tourism campaign ‘Turkey Unlimited’ and some of the design and art work for promoting tourism in the country. We all must know so many countries, each one is try to “sell” why you should visit them. Slogan is very implement element. If you get it right and truly seize up the whole meaning for it, it become something really easy to recall and remember for a long time.
India = Incredible India. Thailand = Amazing Thailand. The got lot more, sometime we saw country got the right one, but then change it to other. Sometime better, but sometime destroy the synergy that work for the past.
A good tourism advertisement and a good website for those new content you promoting, really important for let traveller visualising their travel experience.
The advertisement remind me so much to gain from travel with the one you love, share the travel experience. That the moment we always want to remember for our own life.
Last checked 2020-May-3

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