Thor Ragnarok

Thor 3rd standalone movie. I think this extended story plot with or without no impact on the overall Avenger story.

Hulk with the spaceship landing so far to another end of the galaxy planet. And maintain the Hulk form for 2 years. It a bit out from the logic. Anyhow is no logic for superhero story that we enjoy why so serious about that.

A evil character just exist for one movie and get kill, the story for her been Odin elder daughter Lord of death etc no so persuasive.

For me just good move to enjoy and no good movie, I do not like to rating by star. Good movie is something after we watch left impact and some lesson we can learn from it.

Doctor strange for shown face a while actually without it also possible for the story line go.

For the near future to come I can image more and more comic superhero will reborn to the movie form as the print media is death, online internet transform the consumer behavior. Lot of past comic book purchase in print media is decline. Let see on the future how many good and bad movie introduce along the way that carry legacy big name in the superhero comic cross over to movie that successful adapted.

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