The Force and Jedi Transformation

I am still recall when I am was kid, Luke Skywalker opening scene is eye opening, young man in white dress and in the endless desert, he begin his life story for the coming change.

He meet up with the Jedi and transform his life to become the hero at his time. Now I saw it, it symbolic the force for the change. And so the first three episode of Star Wars cover Luke Skywalker sage, actually chapter 4,5,6.

Then after a long time, I am from kid become Adult. Star Wars story reboot. On the galaxy far far away. Now we focus on the story of the chosen one, a kid, who destiny become Dark Vader, the father of Luke Skywalker.

The meet up with the Jedi (again symbolic for the life change), he become the hero, the chosen one. But turn to dark side of the force. This is the story for chapter 1,2,3.

Now, my kid is almost grow up, Star Wars saga continue for chapter 7,8,9. Surprising this round, a girl be the chosen one.

Again, he meet up with the Jedi (symbolic for the life change), it worth to see for the long story cross over for so many years and generation how the story go as one.

Whether you like it or not, this the century movie saga, hope the script writer and director do not destroy the entire Star Wars legacy for the remain two chapters. Feature the Jedi, classic Dark Vader and Storm trooper and the unique and fantasy like lightsaber and planet destroyer Death Star, it for sure being the movie everyone is anticipate.

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