The epic for the galaxy far

The epic for the galaxy far far away, star wars episode 8 "The Last Jedi" is coming for this December 15,2017. Despite last episode kill the Han Solo, one of my love character from the story plot. As fan since kid time, still hold some faith and let see how it go.

Regardless of how the story line go, but I think it great to see Mark Hamill, play back the role of Luke Skywalker, in the elder age role. The invention of the Jedi, Force and light sabre for the Star Wars galaxy and universe, in deed one of the movie classic story.

This coming movie will feature Ray in the Jedi training, very similar like the Luke Skywalker train by Yoda. I like the design consistency, the colour tone and taste is blend well with the past. The team behind for those design, art and production do a great work to create the Star Wars Universe.

To be unique and left the impact, Star wars universe had the unique Jedi, the force, light sabre fight. Lot of classic character that being there if for business and marketing sense, should explore to create more side storyline or plot just like last round Death star story Rogue One, that is good story attempt, you like it or not.

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