Morocco Roses Valley Kalaat M’Gouna

Morocco Roses Valley, Kalaat M'Gouna is famous for May Roses Festival. It is one of the must go and must see for travel reach the country for the month, if you are be there for the right month for the right time.

Ever the same city and place, different time you visit, will give you a total different experience, due to season change, festival or special event happen at the time. What will you think with Sahara desert and pink color, for sure will link up your imagination of romance and valley of the rose.

Located about six hours’ drive south-east of Marrakesh, Morocco’s “Valley of Roses” is famous for Roses Festival. Kalaat M’gouna city in the Dades Valley is famous for one thing: roses. Kalaat M’gouna means Valley of the Roses and the city itself is named after the nearby Mount Mgoun.

The house also deco with the rose flower painting.

Come on the season you will saw the local "rose flower harvest" and this is why celebrate with "roses festival". This is the time can see the local full of dried rose and they are packing up and shipping to other place for making of rose perfume and other related products. You can taste out the rose tea and rose ice cream as well.

Together with the celebration for the roses festival is the conduct for the queen of the rose local contest.

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