Guardians 2017

Guardians 2017, I finally saw the movie. What it catch my eye is it is also super heroes movie, but made in Russia. After for so many movie by US on the super heroes, maybe it will provide a fresh air, how the different country produce super heroes movie with their perspective.

4 super heroes defeat the evil in the end, in within saw each of them had their very unique super power human made.

Really, it not bad, it unique and full of unique design we can saw in the movie. Despite I read in the Russia not really critical success, but I think now day you need to had global distribution network to make each movie count.

Overall, I will said so good story and saw the effort, look forward to see more coming episode if any.

Movie is the story, sometime try to sell no from comics or animation turn to movie super heroes story is much harder, as less chance for audience to familiar them for the super heroes. In particular now days we got so many super heroes, and no everyone will be draw into cinema for watch the movie, in particular no US made movie for get the return from the global cinema market share.

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