End of physical book reading

I am in the generation that gets used for the physical book reading. The chance to let you have the opportunity directly using highlighter to comment and flip those pages anyplace you want, and enjoy reading without any other form of distraction, that for me is kind of an important relaxation session, maybe with a cup of coffee.

Just like everyone is aware, physical book sales are declining due to online media, and people get used to the micro news update form of reading habit. Lot of physical bookstores are downsizing or completely out of the business. For those who are left over, some is transformed into total learning experience and space, they are not just selling books, but providing solutions. Grouping related books into a well crafted and designed bookshelf. Offer stationary and other complementary products. They offer cafes and encourage you to spend more time inside book stores. Ongoing organized book author seminar and sharing session or workshop.

Online stores offer keyword search and send the book you want to your doorstep, or offer an ebook version for your download. You can even read it in any device you carry or possess. Not to mention now even offer a monthly subscription for a certain fee, you are feel free to download and read any books you want. World is transforming at a very fast speed in the digital economy.

Despite all those changes, I continue to maintain the book reading habit, maybe no like previous in terms of volume, but I do enjoy reading for learning, for pleasure, for enjoyment, for inspiration.

End of physical book reading? I still recall a scene from the movie Suicide Squad despite in the jail, Harley Quinn enjoy her book reading with a cup of coffee. Similar scene and context we can see it at cafes and coffee shops. Book reading never dies.

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