Street Artist, Taichung, Taiwan

Street Artist, Taichung, Taiwan [台中街头艺人]

I personally like the shoot, it taken during second trip to Taiwan, Chinese New Year season. A park at Taichung with lot of people, maybe due to public holidays, I like the feeling, people going out to the park, where play sport gaming with kid or pet, or just sit there do nothing.

A scene where lot of people watching for the street artist show. What really interest me is one scene with so many faces expression in one, all is focus on the street artist. It provide a chance for me to take local people in one scene.

So I go behind the street artist and take this photo. In the matter of fact, if remove out no interest portion of photo and just remain the people in the scene, this 21x6 ratio photo is great. No other noise in the photo, and attention all to the centre street artist.

21x6 crop ratio for left only people in the scene.

I think travel photography is about travel in different lands and places, take a photo that seize up the unique of the places, people or event.

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