Europe Trip 9 Baltic States Northeast Europe Preview

Europe Trip 9 Baltic States Northeast Europe Preview

So fastIt reach the time to prepare for the trip again. Make use of visual travel tool and it help me to realize this is my 9th trip to Europe. The time to explore Baltic States, or Northeast Europe in short. The travel route will in Warsaw, Poland and Out Stockholm, Sweden.

Europe Trip Summary up on trip 9

Europe trip summary up to trip 9

In specific, for this round of trip route. From Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), transit from Dubai. In Warsaw, Poland. Out Stockholm, Sweden.

Europe trip 9 Baltic States Northeast Europe

Now recall back, the main reason and motive for this regional trip is due to "unknown area", and kid is also wondering what kind of countries they are. For the travel for learning purpose, that achieve the travel purpose already for the family trip, travel thru the lands of unknown and let see how the wonderland will be.

For me, the Baltic states is learn when at the time for research for Russia and Scandinavia Europe trip. It sometime related with Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia route across Baltic Sea. Here got some old town is so beautiful in travel photography, and being in my travel mind intent to at least travel once.

Being at Kraków, Poland (at the south) before. At that trip already wonder what Warsaw (at the north) will be. The land go thru massive destruction under War War II due to as the main battle field and the famous for Nazi concentration camps.

Usual trip will end inside Baltic States countries. But this trip take a overnight cruise to Stockholm, I always want kid to experience cruise like last round me and wife take from Helsinki to Stockholm (during Russia and Scandinavia Europe trip).

As from plan, KLIA -> Dubai -> Warsaw -> Masurian Lakes -> Vilnius -> Trakai -> Kaunas -> Siauliai -> Riga -> Parnu -> Tallin -> Ovärdigt Cruise to Stockholm -> Stockholm -> Dubai -> KLIA

This is the reason for the trip and look forward for the travel experience, and this writing served as preview for the coming travel. For the travel route can see from the Pages Travel Visual Timeline Map Past Current Future.

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