Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography, I am almost forgot, take photography it just a mean, the purpose is to have the fun. That I almost forgot when I turn over to DSLR for the travel photography.

It indeed can take much better quality photography, but due to the size and lot of lens to transform the camera, it actually coming in the expense of carry weight.

I am just recall in the past, I just travel with the point-and-shot camera, in the pocket size, and I believe so today modern smart phone can be that replacement as well. Despite I do not take much better quality photo, but I am indeed travel with fun and more happy and explore to travel places more efficient and effective. No like today I will think about how to shoot the scene, take RAW photo (in the past I just snap with Jpeg). And I spend less time on the post RAW processing, just use Jpeg only.

Nowday, due to RAW files is bigger, but after few year, technology change again to mirrorless, but still a size there, I forsee the future to the smart phone photography, just need to make sure the smart phone is underwater and weather seal ready.

From the underwater taken, it take at the time for the fun, it just remind me over, travel for fun. Being travel photographer?  that is not what I plan to be, I travel with family for holidays most of the time, so I really need to travel light and had fun. It about with who and let had fun now.


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