Taiwan Trip 2 Floral Date

Finally I update my travel timeline, and it more or less, up to date.

Trip 1 is from Kaoshiung (south) in and Taipei (out), cover the west coast region, during December time. Trip 2 is on Taichung and Taipei region only (central and north) for the Chinese New Year holidays.

Despite being few years, but nothing change much so far, still the Taiwan that I known. Some of the place travel before, some is new. For those travel before, build up with the new insight.

Compare with last trip, kid still in primary school, now he is on the secondary school. Last trip I still use Point and Shoot Camera, and now with DSLR and with mobile for travel photography.

As the quick overview, spend 1 night at Taoyuan, 2 nights at Taichung City, 2 nights at Taipei. The travel is base on those place or nearby region.

Main destination cover:

  • Nanzhuang old town,

  • Dahu strawberry picking,

  • Calligraphy Greenway - Banana New Paradise and Toy Space -Feng Chia Night Market at Taichung

  • Lukang old town at Changhua

  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village - Moon Sun Lake, Nantou, Yuchi

  • Rainbow Village, Nantun

  • Lavender Cottage, Touwu

  • Weng Yao Ji, Qionglin Township

  • Taipei area

  • Tamsui District are, New Taipei

Above places will be expand into series of blog article associate with the travel timeline tag, for easy future flip forward or backward.

The theme for the trip is floral date, expect to see Sakura and Lavender in the same trip.  The Album cover art design.

[caption id="attachment_1208" align="alignnone" width="720"] Sakura Floral Date at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village[/caption]



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