Campanillas Andalusia Spain Travel Photography

Campanillas Andalusia Spain travel photography

[caption id="attachment_1188" align="alignnone" width="720"] Beautiful countryside landscape saw during the Spain and Portugal trip.[/caption]

While on the house keeping photo, a countryside landscape photo catch my eye, where I take during summer trip to Spain and Portugal.

It seem what importance and standard for judging for the beautiful will be change along the years. Now day travel I keep looking for the unique travel photography opportunity, to take and help me seize the travel experience with that photo.

It a simple countryside photo, but for people like me not from this part of region, it become importance frame of reference, base on the photo taken to help me record and document places I being visited.

Traveling the world and off course travel photography practice along the trip, keep inspire me for keep moving to see, to explore and to adventure to the world where we live.

For the summer, hot sun, yellow and green will be the key theme color, and this travel photography taken match my thought about that as well. Crop to 16x9, a telephone cable on the top, I know it good to remove it out, but after think it is travel photography, let it be where it is.

A lot of people always never know, while in travel, we have limitation in term of how many lens can be taken, and forgot the timing, weather and light keep changing, we do not have time for changing lens while most of the scene we saw will be flip out if you are not fast enough to press the shutter. I know got professional travel photography will be wait and plan for the nice shoot for the right timing. For traveller first and photography second like me, traveling is the key and complement with photography, so got to know the balance and enough is enough.

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